Franklin County, Ohio and Uncontested Divorce and Dissolution Lawyers

An uncontested divorce and a dissolution are relatively straightforward avenues to terminating your marriage.  It is very similar to a dissolution, although the procedures differ.  An uncontested divorce and a dissolution are essentially divorces that takes place when two individuals agree on the terms of ending their marriage. If you and your spouse are not disputing the terms of your divorce, including how to divide your property, exchange of financial support or and custody of your children, then you may be able to terminate your marriage by way of an uncontested divorce or dissolution. Managing these kinds of divorces naturally isn’t as difficult as others.

Because uncontested divorces and dissolutions are typically not as difficult to manage and take less time, some attorneys will accept a flat fee to represent you in an uncontested divorce.  A flat fee generally means that you pay one-time payment of an agreed amount and that you will not have to worry making any further payments.

The search for an attorney who can assist you with a flat fee uncontested divorce doesn’t have to be tough. If you’re searching for a qualified divorce attorney who can aid you with an uncontested divorce or dissolution anywhere in Franklin County in Ohio, you should be detail-oriented.  For example, you should search for a seasoned divorce attorney who is familiar with family law and divorce and who has successfully tackled many dissolutions and divorces, including contested and uncontested, in general in the area. Your aim should be to get counsel from a lawyer who has “been there and done that.” Don’t make the mistake of working with an unexperienced lawyer. You need the guidance of an attorney who can answer all of your divorce-related questions. Even if you feel your divorce is simple and basic, having an experience attorney will give you peace of mind knowing you have someone around who can steer you in the right direction. The more knowledgeable your divorce attorney is, the simpler the termination of your marriage should be.

The internet is a helpful tool for finding an attorney to assist you in your uncontested divorce or dissolution. If you’re searching for a Franklin County divorce attorney, you can also seek recommendations or referrals from people you know.  Ask yourself if you have coworkers, relatives or friends who have been involved in uncontested divorces or dissolutions, and how their experiences were.  Referrals from people you know and trust can help ease your worries and assure you that you will be in good hands.