Finding An Attorney For Your Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce or Dissolution In Delaware County, Ohio

Divorce is a stressful and emotional time, even when it’s a mutual decision by amicably separating partners. One chapter of life is ending, another one is beginning, and now it’s necessary to undertake the complex, sometimes demoralizing, work of disentangling one life from another. Even if you and your partner do not share children together, there’s ownership of property to figure out, financial decisions to make, and many other small things to consider. It’s not something one should attempt to undertake without competent legal assistance.

The right lawyer can drastically reduce the client’s stress load, make the potentially messy and legally complex process of divorce easy for the client to understand, and competently manage the process and advocate for the client so that the client exits the divorce with an agreement that’s fair to him or her, and can continue on with life and find closure without being unduly disadvantaged by unfavorable divorce terms.

The client who has made the decision to pay a flat fee for their uncontested divorce or dissolution and is looking to find the right attorney in Delaware County, Ohio should be aware of the needs and elements peculiar to his or her case and the local court practices in his or her area. Not all attorneys are created equal, and an attorney who would be wonderful for one person may not be appropriate for the next. Requirements and circumstances vary, as does an attorney’s expertise.

The client should first and foremost find an attorney who has extensive experience practicing in the region in which the divorce is happening. Divorce law can be specialized, and frequently varies from county to county. An attorney with experience in that area can easily navigate and explain the nuances of divorce law there.

Also important is the client’s personal rapport with the attorney. Divorce is a complex and intimate process that sometimes involves embarrassing or uncomfortable elements. It’s imperative that the client is comfortable sharing and being truthful with the attorney, so that the attorney can effectively represent the client. The attorney’s ability to explain the legal process to the client and keep him or her informed in a way that they can comprehend is also important, as a client who doesn’t understand why his or her attorney is taking certain actions can quickly lead to frustration.

The attorney chosen by the client should also have experience working similar cases. The circumstances of every divorce are different, and if the client’s situation has uncommon or specific elements (planning for the care of a special needs child, the allocation of military benefits, etc.) then the attorney should understand and have experience navigating the relevant laws and legal processes.

Lastly, if the client has decided to pay a flat fee instead of by-the-hour, they should be confident that their attorney has experience working flat fee cases. Representing a client for a flat fee requires different time management strategies and legal tactics than by-the-hour work, and the attorney needs to understand how to effectively represent and produce results for the client within the confines of that flat fee.