What to look for when hiring a flat rate uncontested divorce attorney in Franklin County Ohio?

Divorce is a time of anxiety and uncertainty for many individuals and couples and hiring the right divorce attorney is an important decision they must make along the way. Cost is ultimately a critical factor in this decision. For this reason, flat rate divorce and dissolution attorneys who offer exact costs up front for uncontested matters are the ideal choice for many.

While their fee structures may be identical, not all flat rate divorce attorneys in Franklin County, Ohio are created equal. Those looking to hire a flat rate attorney should consider the following:


Transparency must be considered, including whether an attorney’s flat rate fee truly covers all of a client’s potential needs. For instance, some flat rate attorneys will cover a simple, uncontested divorce or dissolution for a flat amount, but charge additional fees for unforeseen circumstances and additional work that may arise. Others may guarantee one flat fee regardless of the number of hours the divorce or dissolution proceedings entail. It’s integral that prospective clients understand all of the details of any flat fee contract.


Divorce is a highly emotional process for most people and clients should seek an attorney who helps to remove emotion from the situation. Emotion, after all, can lead to more disagreement, more legal battling, a longer timeline – and increased attorney fees.

Trusted Referrals

Most clients seeking divorce attorneys are new to the experience and they may not personally know lawyers practicing family law. They may benefit from asking family and friends who have already been through a divorce for trusted referrals to their own flat fee attorneys.

For those unable to access trusted personal referrals, the Columbus Bar Association offers three helpful services free of charge: a searchable Columbus Bar Directory, a Lawyer Referral Service and a Find a Lawyer program, all accessible online. Prospective clients may use these tools to find and compare details such as field of practice or specialty, foreign language skills, years in practice and any potential charges of misconduct.

The outcome of divorce proceedings can impact an individual’s future in broad and long-lasting ways, and much of the outcome may depend on the chosen lawyer. Individuals and couples looking to hire a flat rate divorce or dissolution attorney in Franklin County, Ohio should carefully consider their options before making this crucial decision.

What to Look for When Hiring a Flat-Rate Divorce Attorney in Delaware County, Ohio

A flat-rate divorce attorney is a positive investment because he or she can ensure an absolute price to give you all the services you need. You can get through your divorce or dissolution smoothly if you hire the right lawyer to represent you. Here’s what to look for when hiring a flat rate divorce or dissolution attorney in Delaware County, Ohio:

  1. Transparency

Honesty and openness are top qualities to seek in a flat-rate divorce attorney. The attorney should openly list the services you’ll receive for the flat rate you pay. Additionally, the lawyer should answer all the questions you have about the divorce process and all possible outcomes. You should receive a fair and accurate depiction of the entire scope of the legality so that you can make an informed decision on whether you would like this person to represent you.

  1. Relevancy

The attorney you choose to represent you in a divorce hearing should have direct experience in the field of family law. Family law should be the attorney’s primary field rather than the second or third. You’ll know that this person spends most of his or her time working with divorcees if it’s the primary practice, and you can feel confident you’ll receive knowledgeable representation.

  1. Experience

Experience makes attorneys wise and that wisdom helps to give clients what they need in terms of case outcome. Each year of experience represents tons of cases the attorney has seen go different ways. The attorney can use that information to tweak strategies that may curve the case outcome for you positively.

  1. Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is something else you should want your attorney to have. You can check to see if that person has supplied stellar customer service and care to previous clients consistently. A quick search should lead you to reviews and testimonials you can use to make your decision about whether to hire the attorney.

  1. Commitment

The attorney you choose should be dedicated to you and support you through this difficult time. He or she should be available when you call and prompt to complete tasks that help you achieve your goals. You’ll often be able to tell in the beginning whether this person is committed to you and your case by observing the attorney’s tone, promptness and level of fairness.

Your chances of satisfaction increase if you hire someone who possesses those qualities. Search for the perfect match today so that you can have a successful and fair divorce tomorrow.